Creating New Inventory Items

Inventory Item

You can create new inventory items by:

Then you may fill out or select the following fields:

The table below displays all listings that are currently linked to the SKU of the selected inventory item. Double-clicking any of these listings will take you straight to the listing section, highlighting the corresponding listing file.

CSV Import

You can import inventory item definitions from a CSV file via the “Import Inventory Products…” command in the File -> Import menu (please make sure to switch to the Inventory section first). The CSV file needs to be saved using UTF-8 character encoding. The first row of your file corresponds to the header row.

The following fields are imported from CSV files:

The SKU field may not be empty. Also, the currency fields (price, cost) uses a dot as decimal separator, even though your Mac might be set to use a comma instead (European users).

Example CSV file

You can download an example CSV file here. Please note that the first row is the header row, make sure the names are in lowercase.

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