Starting Listings

Once you are ready to start your listing on eBay, choose the ‘Start Listing’ command from the Main Window’s toolbar or the ‘Listing’ menu. If you have authorized more than a single eBay account in GarageSale, an additional menu will appear, asking you to select the desired account.

You can select multiple listings and start them simultaneously by holding down the shift key while clicking on additional listings.

Once GarageSale’s Launch Control window has appeared, your listings will be verified using the selected eBay account. If GarageSale or eBay cannot find any errors, the estimated listing fees (as calculated by eBay) will show at the top of the ‘Launch Control’ window.

LaunchControl Window

Click the ‘Start Listings’ button to upload your listings to eBay.

Watch the tutorial video: Starting a listing

Please keep in mind that a listing can be only started once. If you wish to start the same listing several times in rapid succession, please use the “Copy original listing after launch” option from the options popover.

Dealing with Errors and Warnings

When starting or verifying a listing, errors or warnings may be returned from different sources. Here is how to deal with them:

Launch Control Options

You can fine-tune how GarageSale handles your listing once it has been started in the Launch Options popover window:


This window offer two options:

If any of these two options are enabled, their corresponding status icons will appear highlighted at the bottom of the Launch Control window.

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