Importing your database from a previous GarageSale version

If you have been using the previous version of GarageSale before, the new GarageSale version will ask to import your existing data (including your eBay accounts) upon first launch. Your previous GarageSale database will not be modified in this process. Depending on the size of your database, the process can take up to multiple hours.

You can still use the previous GarageSale version after the import process has finished, but changes you make in a previous version of GarageSale will not be picked up by the current version of GarageSale and vice versa.

If you wish to start with a new, empty database instead, click on Start With Empty Library.

Import Screen

Always Allow Keychain Access

Since GarageSale 9 uses a different application identifier, you’ll need to grant it access to each eBay token in your Mac’s keychain. When the system displays such a permission panel, please click the Always Allow button if available. Otherwise this prompt will appear again and again at temporal intervals. Always Allow

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