Editing Listing Basics

GarageSale’s listings section offers three different view modes, which can be toggled by clicking the ‘View Mode Control’-buttons in the toolbar:

View Mode Control

Editor Mode

The Editor grants you fine-tuned control over your listings’s description and images.

Editor Mode

You can enter your item’s description in the description field. Depending on what text conversion mode is selected in the popup, your input gets treated differently. Here is how the different conversion modes affect your description on eBay:

If “Don’t convert” or “Convert Markdown to HTML” is selected you can adjust the code editor, e.g. increase the font size, by selecting “Code Editor Preferences” from the context menu:

Code Editor Preferences

To add images to your listing simply drag them from the Finder to the image field or use one of the options from the “+” button below that field. Also, you can always open GarageSale’s “Photo Media Library” by hitting the Media button in the toolbar. The Media Browser lets you access all your images from Apple’s “Photos” application directly from within GarageSale.

Preview Mode

Preview mode reveals what your listing will look like when posted to eBay.

Preview Mode

You can not only use Preview mode to verify your description and images before starting your listing, you can also directly edit your listing’s title, description, images and most listing settings here.

You can alter your description by editing its content, but you can also change your text’s size, font, or font style via preview mode’s toolbar or the system’s standard font panel (choose ‘Format’ menu > ‘Fonts’ > ‘Show Fonts’).

Preview Toolbar

To add images to your listing in Preview mode, drag them from GarageSale’s Photo Media Library or from the Finder onto a “Drop Zone” or an already existing listing image.

Live Mode

Once a listing has been started, it can be monitored in GarageSale’s “Live” mode.

When in “Live” mode, the inspector will display additional information, such as bid counts and page visits, that are not available in the other view modes.

Inspector Live Mode

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