Enable Synching

Before enabling Synching please make sure you have a system backup, e.g. Time Machine.

To enable synching

Enable Synching Button

Enabling Synching on your first Mac

If this is the first of your Mac’s for which synching is enabled, GarageSale will start uploading the contents of your library to the sync server. This progress is called “Initial Data Upload”.

Enable Synching on first Mac

Enabling Synching on another Mac

If you already enabled synching on another Mac using your Pro account, the data on your current Mac will be overwritten with your data from the sync server. That progress is called “Initial Data Download”.

Warning: By clicking on “Enable Synching and Replace my Local Data” all your local data (except orders) will be deleted and be replaced with the data from the cloud! If this operation would be erasing already existing listings or inventory items you don’t have exported anywhere else, make sure you export these items first, so you can re-import them after the server data has been downloaded.

Enable Synching on other Mac

Depending on your database size and internet connection the initial upload and download takes some time (up to several hours). GarageSale will display a progress bar and notify you when ready.

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