Creating New Inventory Items

Inventory Item

You can create new inventory items by:

Then you may fill out or select the following fields:

The table below displays all listings that are currently linked to the SKU of the selected inventory item. Double-clicking any of these listings will take you straight to the listing section, highlighting the corresponding listing file.

User Properties

User Properties

Open the Inspector sidebar to define so-called “User Properties” for your inventory items. They are a way to store values associated with your items separately from eBay’s attribute system.

These user properties will be carried over to the listings you link the inventory item with. This then allows you to e.g. use the properties in the listing’s item description or organize your listings using smart groups (they support user properties) or just use them for internal use, e.g. to note the item’s depot location.

When you change a user property in an inventory item, the change is reflected in all listings linked to that inventory item automatically.

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