Repairing Image Links


Due to new eBay policies links to non-eBay websites, including links to images are no longer allowed. Links are only allowed if they conform to eBay’s link policy, e.g. you can still link to your eBay store, your other eBay pages or to a YouTube video.

Also, eBay requires all images that are embedded in the listing description to use the secure HTTPS protocol instead of non-secure HTTP protocol, e.g. images that use a “http://” URL.

Repair Image Links

Use the “Repair Image Links” command from the “Listing” menu for bulk replacing images links with a plain image, and the “http” protocol with “https” (if supported by the server). This command is especially useful if you imported listings from “My eBay”, which contain image links and http image URLs in the description. Make sure to use the “Revise” command on active listings that got modified by the new command.

Bulk-Revising all active listing

You maybe need to only revise a few listings but if you want to revise all your active listing at once it might be helpful to create a smart group that contains all your active listings. Create a new smart group and use these rules:

State > is > Running with bids or sales

State > is > Running without bids or sales

Select the listings in that smart group and invoke the Revising Listing command from the “More” button.

Good to Know

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