Troubleshooting FTP Settings

Please read the Image Server and FTP/WebDAV Server Settings chapter first.

The current version of GarageSale does not support SFTP connections. Passive/active FTP connections and FTPS (Implicit SSL and TLS/SSL) are supported.

If you have trouble figuring out the correct settings, you can use Mac OS X’s built-in FTP client.

Open the Terminal application in the Utilities folder, enter


and press return (replace with your actual server name). Enter your user name and your password upon request. Use the


command to view the contents of the current directory and the

cd dirname

command to change to another subdirectory (replace dirname with the actual directory name). Using the cd command, navigate to the directory that should contain your auction images.

cd ..

brings you up one directory level. When you have reached your image directory, enter


command. The printed path is the value for the Image Path field in GaragSale.

For further diagnosis you can also enable Log traffic to console in the image server preferences. Before using the ‘Test Settings’ button from within GarageSale, open the Console application from your Utilities folder. While GarageSale performs its test, you will see a detailed list of FTP commands that are being exchanged between GarageSale and your FTP server. This should help you sort out any configuration problems.

Pathnames for photo files may not contain spaces. For example, the path photo will not preview in GarageSale. Instead, try which should work.

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