Importing from "GarageSale Scout"

With our free iOS helper app “GarageSale Scout” you can prepare listings by scanning barcodes, adding images and editing listing titles. These listings can then be imported to the Mac version of GarageSale and further refined. GarageSale Scout is available in the iOS AppStore.

Follow these steps to import your listing drafts from GarageSale Scout:

1. From GarageSale’s “File” menu select “Import from GarageSale Scout…”:

Import Listings

2. This will open the “GarageSale Scout” search window:

Import Listings

3. While the “GarageSale Scout” window is still open, start GarageSale Scout on your iOS device and tap on the “Share” button:

Import From GarageSale Scout

4. All of your prepared listings should now appear in the “GarageSale Scout” window. Select the desired listings and click “Import Listings”:

Import Listings

The gear icon in the bottom left corner offers the following options:

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