Synching FAQ

When is your data synchronized?

GarageSale will synchronise your data every 5 minutes. You can force a synchronisation right now by selecting “Synchronize Now” from the menu bar File > Synching.

What data is synchronized?

Basically, everything that’s in the main window will get synched, except for eBay orders.

Why aren’t orders synched between Macs?

Orders can already be kept in synch on the different Macs, by authorising your eBay account on both Macs.

It’s more challenging to keep orders in synch than other data types, because two Macs can download the same order information from eBay at the same time, independently of each other. This order would be stored using different ids on each Mac. Special steps from our side would be required to identify equal orders during synchronisation, otherwise there would be duplicate entries for that order on each Mac.

Why is a backup so important?

Synching is very complex. If something unexpected happens during the synching process you risk a total loss of your GarageSale data. That’s why it’s highly recommended to make frequent backups.

You get a “Synch server busy” message?

Only one Mac can be uploading to your account on the sync server at the time, so probably the other Mac was doing it’s period synching routine when you tried. Just try it again at a later time.

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