Text Snippets

In GarageSale you can create pre-defined text snippets for your item description and the “Condition Details” field. This way you don’t have to re-type the same text parts again and again.

Creating New Text Snippets

To create new text snippets open the Text Snippets window by selecting “Show Text Snippets” from the “Window” menu. Here you can easily edit existing text snippets or create new ones by hitting the “+” button. You can insert plain text or HTML code.

Text Snippets window

Some basic HTML code examples you can use to format the text in text snippets:

Inserting Text Snippets

In Editor mode:

Use the Text Snippets button below the description field:

Add Text Snippets in Editor mode

In Preview mode:

Place your cursor in the item description, then perform a right-click and from the context menu select “Insert Text Block”.

Add Text Snippets in Preview mode

Once inserted you’ll notice that text snippets appear like this in your item description:


To see how they look expanded, press the control and the alt keys on your keyboard simultaneously in GarageSale’s Preview mode.

ctrl-alt keys

In the Condition Details field:

Instead of typing the same condition details again and again just create a text snippet once and insert it into the “Condition Details” field.

Add Text Snippets in Condition Details

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