Be careful when editing started Listings

GarageSale’s Revise command enables you to make important changes to your live listings. This is particularly useful if you wish to add additional images or seek to modify the listing description.

If however, you wish to start an additional instance of a listing that is already running, please refrain from using the Revise command and duplicate the original listing instead.

Once you start a listing on eBay, GarageSale permanently assigns an eBay item id to the listing. This item id is later used to reference the listing in the Orders and Reports section. Thus, if you were to make changes to the images or item description of an active listing without issuing the Revise command, these sections would end up displaying inconsistent data.

Another compelling reason why you should never make changes to a live listing with the intent of starting an altogether different listing, is the fact that you will no longer be able to make any changes or fix any errors in the original listing. Imagine the following scenario:

Let’s say you just started a listing for an iPhone 5. Since you also own an iPhone 4 that you wish to sell on eBay, you start replacing the images and the item description of the listing originally created for your iPhone 5. A few minutes later it occurs to you that you failed to mention a display crack of your iPhone 5. But since you already removed the original images and item description for the iPhone 5 listing, you are now no longer in a position to easily address the necessary changes.

So, never ever modify your live listings unless you need to revise them.

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