For some time now, eBay offers buyers the opportunity to process various purchases from the same seller in one and the same order. These orders are now fully supported in GarageSale.

GarageSale’s Orders section keeps tracks of incoming orders and is automatically synced with eBay. It provides you with all the necessary details to process and ship your orders.

Once you select an order you can view its date, buyer address, order status and a list of all purchased items in the content area.

Order Section

More information such as shipping details, listing fees and eBay messages can be accessed via the Inspector sidebar. These details will automatically download from eBay, if available.

Some details can be provided manually:

In the GarageSale Preferences you can select how orders should be shown in the left outline view (Buyer Name, Buyer Account, Listing Title). There you can also determine how frequently GarageSale should check for order updates.

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