Listings in GarageSale vs Templates and Auctions in older versions

In GarageSale 7 and later, a listing can only be used once to start a listing on eBay. If you wish to start an identical eBay listing, you need to duplicate the listing first.

The reason behind this being that GarageSale no longer creates separate “auction” files that record a listing’s unique itemID, fees and URL. If we were to allow starting listings from the same listing object more than once, the entire listing information would be overwritten when starting a second listing and your reports would be completely off mark.

If you used to start a listing from an auction template in GarageSale 6, and then modified the very same listing to start another listing, you will need to change your workflow. There are at least three solid reasons for this:

We understand that some users are used to manually restarting their listings from the same auction template in GarageSale 6, until their item finally sells. For such cases, we added the ‘Duplicate Original Listing’ and ‘Move Original Listing’ options in the ‘Launch Control’ window.

There are several good reasons for transitition from a two-tiered approach (auction templates and auction files) to a single-tier one (listing files):

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